Safe Sanctuary Policy

Safe Sanctuaries for Children and Youth

This is the policy that was adopted by the Administrative Council of LUMC on Dec. 7, 2006.

Copies will be distributed to every group that uses our church facilities and will be posted upstairs and downstairs.

Number 1:

IMPLEMENT A POLICY FOR RECRUITING, SCREENING, HIRING, AND REGULAR     TRAINING YOUTH AND CHILDREN’S STAFF AND VOLUNTEER WORKERS. Criminal background checks, as well as previous employment and all references MUST be checked for those in supervisory capacities with children and youth, including but not limited to paid staff.

Number 2:

TWO ADULTS: Two (unrelated) adults must be in the room or vehicle at all times.

No child or youth should be alone with one adult at any time.

Number 3:

ROVING MONITORS: In the event where there are not two adults in the classroom or nursery, there must be a roving superintendent or monitor during the meeting or teaching time, and the door must be left open.

Number 4:

AGE LIMITS. Staff and volunteers should be at least 5 years older than the oldest child/youth being supervised. No one under the age of 18 should be given supervisory capacity.

Number 5:

VISIBILITY IN ROOMS: Every room that is used for activities and teaching of children and youth should have a window in the door. If there is no window, the door must be left open at all times.

Number 6:

OPEN DOOR COUNSELING: Pastoral counseling is expected to be confidential in nature, but it is for the protection of both parties that such sessions take place where other people are nearby not within normal hearing distance.

Number 7:

FIRST AID & CPR: At least one adult present at every church activity should be certified in basic first aid and CPR. The church should offer training annually.

Number 8:

COMMUNICATION AND ADVANCE NOTICE TO PARENTS: Parents should always be kept abreast of the programs their children or youth are involved in, and be given advance notice and information regarding any activity which deviates from the traditional classroom instruction offered at the church during Sunday School, UMYF, Vacation Bible School, or other regular activities at the church. Permission forms with medical information should accompany children/youth for any activity involving travel or extreme sports activity (skiing, etc.) Also, leaders will have permission slips from parents for emergency care for activities away from the church facilities.

Number 9:

There will be “SAFE SANCTUARIES TRAINING “for the parents and families of the children and youth, with copies of this policy available.

Number 10:

AGE AND ACTIVITY APPROPRIATE EQUIPMENT: The equipment in the nursery, the

classrooms, youth room or playground, wherever youth and children have activities, will be safe and age appropriate.

Number 11:

MAINTAIN ADEQUATE LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE for both all church activities on and off the premises. There will also be insurance to cover sexual misconduct.

Number 12:

TRANSPORTATION: No youth may drive to any off-grounds church-sponsored event or transport others. There will be insurance guidelines regarding adults using their personal vehicles for the transportation of church children and youth.

Number 13:

BUILDING SAFETY PROCEDURES: All outside doors should be locked when an activity begins involving children or youth, including locking doors downstairs when Sunday School is in session. Emergency escape maps should be placed in each room. Emergency exit drills should be practiced at least twice a year.

Number 14:

DESIGNATED SPOKESPERSON: The District Superintendent will be notified immediately of any allegation of abuse and will be the spokesperson or designate one. All other persons at the church (staff and volunteer) must refrain from speaking to the press.

The District Superintendent is  The Rev. Karen Munson.

Office: 207-395-4080

Number 15:

The Safe Sanctuary Plan can be amended by a majority vote of the Administrative Council of LUMC.